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Premier amour
(Moi Tinh Dau)

de HAI Ninh

Cảnh sinh viên bãi khóa biểu tình chống Mỹ ở Sài Gòn_WEB

Not long before the end of the war, in a still occupied Saigon, two students, Ba Duy and Diem Huong (Nguyen Nhu Quynh) vow their mutual love to each other. But the young woman is forced to marry an American counsellor by her family, in order that she might save her father who is burdened with debt. Desperate Ba Duy abandons his studies and lets himself go into a downward, nihilist spiral. This portrait of a tormented youth met with huge, popular fervour when it was released. JB

  • Titre français
    Premier amour
  • Titre original
    Moi Tinh Dau
  • Titre international
    The First Love
  • Scénario
    HOANG Tich Chi, HAI Ninh
  • Photo
    NGUYEN Quang Tuan
  • Montage
    NGUYEN Thi Ninh
  • Son
    NGUYEN Huy Can, DANG Dinh Hung
  • Musique
    HOANG Van
  • Interprétation
    THE Anh, TRA Giang, NGUYEN Nhu Quynh, HONG Lien, Robert HAI
  • Production
    Vietnam Feature Film Studio
  • Ventes internationales
    Contact copie : Vietnam Film Insitute :
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