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Produire au Sud Taipei Workshop 2018

  • BAMID (Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture)
  • Taipei Film Festival
  • Bureau Français de Taipei
  • Institut Français

The Produire au Sud Taipei Workshop 2019 is a 3×5 days local training workshop for emerging producers and directors from Taiwan. The workshop aims at familiarizing them with a variety of important tools and international coproduction techniques by coaching individual projects in development.

It is organized in partnership with the Taipei Film Festival, and financially supported by the BAMID (Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development) from the Ministry of Culture – Taiwan and the Bureau Français de Taïwan.
The workshop will open with collective work sessions around international coproduction issues, most widely opened to professionals from the taiwanese cinema industry.
The first stage of this 3 stages workshop will be held in Taipei October 16-20, 2019.
A public pitch presentation of the 6 selected film projects will be taking place during the last workshop in july 2020.

The workshop is organized by Produire au Sud/Festival des 3 Continents, in partnership with the Taipei Film Festival (TFF) and the Bureau Français de Taïpei.

This year, 8 international experts will lead the workshop:

Claire Lajoumard (Acrobates FIlms), French producer
Vincent Wang (Pandora Film), German producer
Thomas Pibarot (Le Pacte), French international sale agent and distributor
Gualberto Ferrari, French-Argentinian script-consultant and director
Jérémie Dubois, French script-consultant and director
Stefano Tealdi (Stefilms), Italian producer/director and pitch expert
June Wu (Ablaze Image), Taiwanese international sale agent and distributor
Jérôme Baron (Festival of 3 Continents), artistic director

Reminder – the 2018 selection of film projects:

FOR A BETTER PLACE by Zune Kwok and produced by Uilin Wang
LOVE LIES by Ping-Wen Wang and produced by Eric Xie
SALLY by Lien Chien-Hung and produced by Reinert Manyin
THE GIRL ON THE BORDER by Dan Chi Huang and produced by Yu Jie Hong
TROPICAL BLUE by Hou Chi-Jan and produced by Vicki Tsai
WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN by I-Hsuan Su and produced by Tami Xu


The call for entries for next 2019-2020 PAS Taipei workshop will open next July 1st.
Opening of the call for entries : 2019, July 1st
Deadline for applications : 2019, August 19th
Announcement of the selection : mid-september 2019
Dates of first workshop : October 16-20, 2019

et deux ateliers de suivis à Taipei :
– 3 au 6 mars 2020
– 5 au 9 juillet 2020
Only fiction feature films are considered.

Please fill in the form online –> APPLICATION FORM
Please check the regulations first –> REGULATIONS

Film projects follow-up 2019-2020

This year this Produire au Sud formula will include two complementary training stages  with special focus on scriptwriting and production in order to help directors to push and explore their narrative and strategy as much as possible.
Both steps will be led by scriptwriting consultants Gualberto Ferrari and Jérémie Dubois, as well as with Claire Lajoumard, Thomas Pibarot and June Wu.

First stage PAS Taipei: 2019, October 16-20
Second stage : 2020, March 3-6
Third stage : 2020, July 5-9



The contents of the workshop will make it possible to reinforce the initial training given to the participants last July. These complementary stages represent a further and crucial level of support in the development of the film projects, especially on the artistic level. In the medium term, the professionalisation of these young producers and filmmakers will allow them to draw up a production strategy adapted to their project and to choose the relevant partners in the European film industry.



For further information, please contact :
Guillaume Mainguet (F3C/PAS)  : guillaume.mainguet@3continents.com
Sherry CHIAO (TIFF) : workshop@taipeiff.org.tw

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