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Studio Darom 2019

  • Sapir College Academy
  • Institut Français Tel Aviv
  • Cinema South Festival
  • Rabinovich Foundation

sderot produire au sud workshop – « Studio darom »

Studio Darom Produire au Sud workshop 2019
 is a 5 days local training workshop for emerging producers and directors from IsraelThe workshop aims at familiarizing them with a variety of important tools and international coproduction techniques by coaching individual projects in development.
The workshop was organized in Sderot June 2-6, 2019 at the Sapir College (documentary cinema school) in the frame of the Cinema South Film Festival.

The public pitch presentation of the 4 selected film projects took place at the Sapir College on June 6th and was moderated by israeli pitch expert Ohad Azoulay. All professionals are invited to attend.


The 5th Studio Darom took place June 2-6, 2019 at Sapir Academic College.
The workshop is dedicated to young emerging directors and producers from Israel working on a fiction feature lenght project under development.

« Produire au Sud » feature films at Cinema South Film Festival

To highlight the presence of the Studio Darom in Sderot, the Cinema South Film Festival programs this year 4 feature films that have emerged after their selection in Produire au Sud workshops Nantes or abroad :
THE DIVE (Un Havre de Paix) by Yona Rozenkier (Israel – 2018) – Studio Darom 2016
NERVOUS TRANSLATION by Shireen Seno (Philippines – 2017) – PAS Bangkok 2014
LA FAMILIA by Gustavo Rondon (Venezuela – 2016) – PAS Caracas 2013
MANTA RAY by Phuttiphong Aroonpheng (Thailand – 2017) – PAS Nantes 2011

Selection 2019

by Miya Hatav and produced by Osnat Bukofzer (Metro Communications)

by Yuval Shani and produced by Maayan Cohen/Efrat Cohen (Gaudeamus Productions)

by Rita Borodiyanski and produced by Oren Rogovin, Maya Hofman and Asaf Nawi (Rogovin Brothers)

by Shira Sznaider and produced by Eviatar Moncaz (University of TLV)


The workshop took place  in the Sapir Academic College of Sderot (Israel). It is organized by Produire au Sud/Festival des 3 Continents, in partnership with the Sapir Academic College of Sederot and the Cinema South Film Festival organization and with the support of the French Institute of Tel-Aviv in Israel.

This year, 7 international experts have led the workshop :

Juliette Grandmont (Clandestine FIlms), french producer
Claire Lajoumard (Acrobates Films), french producer
Sari Turgeman (Script Light), french-israeli script consultant
Jérémie Dubois, french script consultant
Ohad Azoulay, israeli pitch expert
Kobi Mizrahi, israeli producer of The Dive
Yona Rozenkier, israeli director of The Dive
Yoel Rozenkier, actor of The Dive

« Studio darom » follow-up


This year this Produire au Sud formula will include one complementary training stage  with special focus on scriptwriting and production in order to help directors to push and explore their narrative and strategy as much as possible. It is still initiated in collaboration with Cinema South FF and supported by the Israeli Cinema Project – Rabinovich Foundation.
This step will be led by scriptwriting consultant Jérémie Dubois, as well as french producers Claire Lajoumard and Juliette Grandmont.
The 2019 Studio Darom follow-up workshop is supported by the Cinema Israel Project Rabinovich Foundation.


The Studio Darom follow-up will be held in Nantes November 20-21, 2019.


The contents of the workshop will make it possible to reinforce the initial training given to the participants last June. This complementary stage represent a further and crucial level of support in the development of the film projects, especially on the artistic level. In the medium term, the professionalization of these young producers and filmmakers will allow them to draw up a production strategy adapted to their project.


For further information, please contact :
3 Continents FF/Produire au Sud
Guillaume Mainguet
 : guillaume.mainguet@3continents.com

Sapir Academic College
Tamir David Hod : tamirh@sapir.ac.il

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