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Arthouse Produire au Sud Kolkata workshop

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Arthouse Asia Film Festival

by Shapath Das, director of the A2F2.
« Arthouse Asia Film Festival is an indian annual breeding space of independent filmmakers that has created in 2017 and takes place each year early january. Over the years independent filmmaking has changed a lot, asian independent filmmaking market is increasing steadily. The Past has taught us « United we stand, divide we fall ».
Arthouse Asia FF is an effort to unite worldwide independent filmmakers in a single platform. We know the path is not an easy way but we believe independent filmmaking is the true way of practicing art through filmmaking medium. The studio system is a money generating system, it does not allow experimentation as it always tends to follow the already established monetary model.
So we believe independent filmmaking is the future of filmmaking. »


Hosting a produire au sud workshop in south asia

« The idea of a new professional industry event came up naturally last year in 2018. French Produire au Sud workshops expertise could be the right label to help film writers and producers to get new partners, new options for their film development.Besides the aim to enlarge the Arthouse Asia Film Festival professional proposals to regional professionals, the idea of sucha workshop is to create a vibrating and efficient place within the region to help film professionals to meet all together and to facilitate and fasten collaborations and potential co-productions.
In almost all South Asian countries there is no support infrastructure to support Arthouse filmmaking, neither in terms of funding nor in terms of training of film writers and producers.

Produire Au Sud workshop on screenwriting and development, which will be of international standard, will expose and sharpen filmmakers of South Asia
Produire Au Sud workshop on producing and co-production will lead South Asian producers to a vista of international film markets. Producers in the mentioned regime has no such high level experience, training or knowledge.
Produire Au Sud workshop in collaboration with Arthouse Asia FF, 2020 can be a great kick-start towards a new era of filmmaking in South Asia, where there are immense talents, culturally rich storytellers.
Produire Au Sud workshop will open up possibilities to explore newer genre, newer narratives to put upfront of the world scenario of Arthouse films.
Produire Au Sud workshop 2020 is a big step towards challenging the present hierarchical structure where films are being made in hardcore business model compromised in artistic freedom.
Produire Au Sud workshop 2020 will be a first step to provide confidence to the South Asian filmmakers to make world class films and as well place them in the market so they sustain and gain conviction towards making their next art.
Produire Au Sud workshop in Kolkata will be a new platform and regime for Produire Au Sud to work on and exploring possibilities of their newer ways to put hands on as South Asia is densely populated area with highly enthusiasm and potential. »


Arthouse Produire au Sud Kolkata workshop

The ambition of this regional workshop is for participants to gain knowledge of the techniques and tools of international film coproduction through a logic of individual assistance to projects in the development stage, to help them master the issues at stake in international coproduction and the international market and to lay sustainable foundations of film cooperation between European professionals and professionals from the countries of the South Asia.

The Arthouse PAS Kolkata workshop is a joined initiative by A2F2 of Kolkata and Produire au Sud workshop from 3 Continents FF, and supported by French Institute and French Embassy in India (represented by french audiovisual attache Pierre Laburthe) and French Alliance in Kolkata.

The film directors and producers from the following countries were invited to submit their film project:
India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Buthan, Nepal, SriLanka, Maldives.

Dates and selection for 2020 workshop

The workshop will be held in Kolkata January 7-11, 2020.
7 fiction features in development have been chosen for this 1st edition of the workshop:

A HIDDEN TALE BEHIND THE MIST (Kuhiro Pariko Sahar) – Nepal
by Pasang Dawa Sherpa and produced by Prem Prasad Adhikary

A NEW SWEETNESS (Notun Gur) – India
by Deyali Mukherjee and produced by Sriram Raja

HELI THE DAUGHTER (Heli Daughter) – Sri Lanka
by Malaka Samith Nilwala and produced by Sumudu Malalagama

I, THE SONG – Bhutan
by Dechen Roder and produced by Thinley Choden

by Ishan Sharma and produced by Nikhil Chaudhary

REFUGE (Kyab) – India
by Mohan Kumar and produced by Anusha Nandakumar

by Subhadra Mahajan and produced by Shyam Bora

The Produire au Sud workshop will be run by international professionals:

– Juliette Grandmont, French producer (Clandestine Films)
– Marc Irmer, French producer (Dolce Vita Films)
– Stefano Tealdi (Stefilm), Italian producer
– Gualberto Ferrari, Argentinian/Italian script consultant
– Jérémie Dubois, French script consultant
– Pascale Ramonda (Pascale Ramonda), international distributor for festivals
Jérôme Baron (Festival des  3 Continents), artistic director

Training staff will be composed by producers, distributors, international sales people, scriptwriters, chosen from among the experts and consultants familiar with Produire au Sud, and from other Arthouse Asia professional partners who share its approach.

5 days of intensive training which will conclude with a public pitch presentation of the projects in front of a panel of indian and foreign producers, of distributors and managers of regional funds.



Guillaume Mainguet
Executive director of  Produire au Sud workshop
tel : + 33(0)2 40 69 74 14
Skype ID : wilhelmainguet

Shapath Das
Director of Arthouse Asia Film Festival

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