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It is a workshop focusing on the outline and structure of coproduction within the film industry. The workshops aims to familiarize young producers based in Africa, Latin America, and Asia with a variety of important tools and international coproduction techniques by coaching individual projects in development.
The Produire au Sud workshop was created in 2000 in Nantes, in order to support the creation of a network of young producers from Asia, Africa and Latin America and lay the foundations for lasting cooperation between European film professionals and emerging professionals from the South.

The Produire au Sud workshop – Nantes, which takes place during the Festival des 3 Continents, is a 7 day training workshop that offers:

  • A 3-day master class production workshop with European professionals covering an introduction to coproduction, coproduction contracts, fundraising, international sales, specific case studies
  • A marketing workshop covering pitch training and a public presentation of scripts and projects to potential producers
  • A scriptwriting workshop with 2 days of individual analysis and appreciation by scriptwriters and producers familiar with coproductions and international sales issues.

The workshops are run by international professionals: producers, legal experts, distributors, sales managers, specialized TV channel staff members, and European scriptwriters, pitch experts, etc.


In Nantes in November

Produire au Sud has become an indispensable tool for young producers and directors from Africa, Latin America and Asia, eager to master the challenges of coproduction and international markets.

It takes place each year in the form of a one-week seminar at the end of November, during the Festival des 3 Continents in Nantes.

Abroad throughout the calendar year

During the year, the Produire au Sud workshop is also organized abroad, in partnership with international film festivals.
Without any doubt  it is now one of the places in the world where a large contribution to tomorrow’s best cinema is taking place. While the Nantes workshop has become, over the years, a key rendezvous, the Produire au Sud workshop, in partnership with international film festivals, is also present abroad (previous workshops have been organized in Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Salvador de Bahia, Beirut, Belo Horizonte, Durban, Agadir, Sderot etc.)

Each year the hundreds of applications are a sign of the success of the Produire au Sud workshop.


The Produire au Sud workshop takes two different forms, in Nantes and abroad.
For each workshop, a number of experts and consultants familiar with Produire au Sud and the Festival des 3 Continents take part:

  • Claire LAJOUMARD (Acrobates Films) – producer – France
  • Philippe AVRIL (Les Films de l’Etranger) – producer – France
  • Clément DUBOIN (Good Fortune Films) – producer – France
  • Raimond GOEBEL (Pandora Films) – producer – Germany
  • Denis VASLIN (Volya Films) – producteur – Netherlands
  • Vincent WANG (House on Fire) – producer – France/Taiwan
  • Thomas PIBAROT (Le Pacte) – Head of acquisitions/distributor – France
  • Delphyne BESSE (Urban Distribution) – international sales agent – France
  • Sébastien CHESNEAU (Cercamon) – Head of acquisitions – France
  • June WU (Ablaze Image) – international sales agent – Taiwan
  • Michael J WERNER (Fortissimo Films) – international sales agent and producer  – USA
  • Jan NASZEWSKI (Boutique) – Head of acquisitions/international sales agent  – Poland
  • Miguel MACHALSKI – script consulting – France
  • Gualberto FERRARI –  script consultingo – France/Argentina
  • Sari TURGEMAN – script consulting – Israel/France
  • Christophe PASCAL – lawyer specialized in law contracts – France
  • Stefano TEALDI (Stefilm) – pitch expert/producer/director – Italy
  • Michi NORO (EP2C) – postproduction manager – Belgium
  • Hans VAN HELDEN (EP2C) – postproduction and SFX manager  – Netherlands
  • Boris CHAPELLE – Sound engineer – France
  • Dominique WELINSKI (DW) – artistic consultant/producer – France
  • Ali ESSAFI – script consultant – Morocco
  • Estelle ROBIN-YOU (Les Films du Balibari) – producer – France
  • Myriam SASSINE (Abbout Productions) – producer- Lebanon
  • Jihan EL TAHRI  – script consultant – Egypt
  • Guillaume THOULON (SCAM) – lawyer – France
  • Henrik UNDERBJERG (Stray Dog Productions) – producer – Norway
  • Kristine Anne SKARET (Stray Dog Productions) – producer – Norway
  • Shlomi ELKABETZ – director – Israel
  • Eitan MANSOURI – (Spiro Films) – producer, Israel
  • Ewa PUSZCZYNSKA (Opus Films) – producer, Poland
  • Ohad AZOULAY (Script Light) – pitch expert – Israel
  • Juliette GRANDMONT (Clandestine FIlms) – producer – France
  • Jérémie DUBOIS – script consultant – France
  • Michel MARX – script consultant – France
  • Celina MURGA – director – Argentina
  • Sara SILVEIRA (Dezenove Som e Imagens) – producer – Brazil
  • Jean DES FORETS (Petit Film) – producer – France
  • Sophie ERBS  (Gaijin) – producer – France
  • Lorna TEE (Paper Heart) – producer/festival consultant  – Malaysia
  • Mélanie Simon-Franza (Just Doc), international distributor
  • Joost Daamen (IDFA), senior programer
  • Jamel Dallali (Al Jazeera Media), production manager
  • Eugénie Michel-Villette (Les Films du Bilboquet), french producer
  • Dorothée Myriam Kellou, algerian directorand many others…


The 3 Continents has created a quality label and established a group of selected professionals whose common ground is their love of the cinema, commitment to a high standard in film production, and an enthusiasm for creating new synergies in the field.

Co-producing implies adapting to other cultures and other methods. Co-producing often means learning together how to invent a common language.

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