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Into the Dust (en développement)
(El Polvo de la Tierra)

by Federico ADORNO

Into the Dust (Paraguay)

Three labourers work in the Paraguayan Chaco. Francisco and Aníbal are both over fifty; Luis is in his twenties. They are busy at work when their boss shows up. Luis can no longer stand being separated from his family and decides to return home. Aníbal and Francisco are left behind to continue the wiring. The atmosphere in this land grows increasingly tense and strange as the days pass by.

The Boss was supposed to return but has not. Aníbal can no longer stand the wait and decides to leave. Francisco reluctantly agrees to go with him. They begin wandering and traipse for long hours down endless narrow paths in the forest but the paths they choose lead them past the same landscapes.

  • Titre français
    Into the Dust (en développement)
  • Original title
    El Polvo de la Tierra
  • Titre international
    Into the Dust
  • Scénario
    Federico Adorno
  • Photo
    Luis Arteaga
  • Montage
    Andrea Gandolfo
  • Production
    Grupo Perdomo SA
  • Producteur délégué
    Renate Costa Perdomo
  • Sous-titrage

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