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2018 Programme

International Competition

A selection of nine films, the majority of which will be having their first showing in France, will be assessed by a jury of professionals (who will award the Montgolfière d’or and the Mongolfière d’argent), by the public (who will award the Wik-Fip Public Prize), and by a young jury (Jury Jeune Award).

Special sessions

Four previewed films, among them those presented at the opening and awards ceremonies.

The 40th anniversary programme

> 40 films : An Inventory of Contemporary Cinema : all the films
> D’autres continents, mouvances du cinéma présent : all you need to know about the book

In the course of its 40 years of existence, the Festival des 3 Continents, devoted to the cinema of Asia, Africa and Latin America, has continuously revisited the heritage and history of cinemas often distant from the points of reference of filmgoers, and at the same time grasped the movements in the cinema today. At a time of accelerated evolution and an abundance of systems of images in movement, what stage has the cinema reached in its adaptation to an environment in full transformation ?

To celebrate its 40th edition, the Festival is proposing an inventory of contemporary cinema, combining a book and a programme of 40 films which delineate the cinema landscape of the 3 continents since the turn of this century. This is an invitation to see once again works which are considered landmarks in our eyes, certain films lost from view, or to evaluate gestures existing on the fringes of our screens, in the indeterminate and murmuring zones of the current reconfiguration of images.


As Paris, Taiwan’s capital became the privileged setting of many films. The programme Taipei Stories brings together 12 films from different periods of the history of Taiwanese cinema. It reveals, through the stories and aesthetics of successive generations of Taiwanese filmmakers, the transformations of the city.

With the support  of the Taiwan Ministry of Culture, The Taiwan Cultural Centre in Paris and the collaboration of the Taiwan Film Institute.


About Frontiers and people

Since 2010, the Festival des 3 Continents has proposed each year a programme around a theme which is open to different types of audience but conceived above all for secondary school children. Under the title About Frontiers and People, this programme conceived with a group of researchers intends to reflect on the capacity of the cinema to handle a very contemporary question : exile and borders.

First steps towards the 3 continents

With its desire to be open to and to initiate very young publics to the cinemas of the 3 Continents, the festival offers the opportunity for children and their families to come and be introduced to its films. This programme is accessible to children from the age of 3 onwards.


produire au sud workshop

Six full-length film projects, which have been selected for the 18th Nantes workshop devoted to training participants to acquire the tools of international coproduction, will be coached by a group of international experts. In partnership with IEA Nantes.

Cheerful Wind, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Taipei Stories Programme

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