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Scholar-in-Residence 2017


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Alongside the established Festival of Three Continents dedicated to films from Asia, Africa and Latin America, is held the professional programme Produire au Sud. It is a complement to the Festival and an important part of its identity. Each year since 2000, Produire au Sud has selected six to eight film projects from director-producer teams from Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin American. Over a week, they meet European cinema professionals for training sessions on the international coproduction world, production, scriptwriting, international distribution, pitching, and postproduction. While other European programmes tend to favour residences or market formats, the emphasis on education and training makes the Nantes programme quite unique, through collective but also individual sessions, the teams are introduced to the coproduction world, rules and tools, to better to refine and reinforce their project.

Produire au Sud is a place where the traditional stakes of the film world are at play, most notably the constant striving for balance between nurturing a personal artistic project and fitting in the film market place. Over the week, participants are also initiated to and interrogate current challenges such as the impact of the digital revolution of the production-distribution-exhibition film chain and the rules of a film world organized on the lines of globally-dispersed production. Produire au Sud is also a moment when participants meet and exchange. Intercultural dialogues are constant between participants and experts from different continents and countries, but exchanges is also to be understood at the professional level, between different film-related professions, as well as in terms of generation, as young director-producer teams benefit from the lessons of experienced experts. The term « coproduction », which is at the heart of Produire au Sud, thus assumes rich and various meanings.

Produire au Sud/Festival of 3 Continents, the Centre for National Identities and Interculturality Studies (CRINI) at the University of Nantes and the Co-production Research Network (CoRN) launch jointly an innovative experience: each year, an academic will be invited to attend the programme and interview the participants. The aim is to put in dialogue different viewpoints and temporalities: the urgency of skill acquisition for the participants, the time-off taken by professionals to pass on their knowledge, the long-term perspective of academics. Produire au Sud opens its door to academic investigation, as a means to reflect on its continually evolving practice and pedagogical approach. Academics will find in this experience a rich exploratory field, a unique access to insider’s knowledge and personal dialogues with films professionals. Issues at play at Produire au Sud are extremely diverse, from film industry and coproduction issues, to intercultural relations and storytelling. As a consequence, the programme is open to academics from all fields, such as film and media studies, sociology, anthropology, geography and philosophy.

The aim of this unprecedented experience is two-fold: create a place for dialogue between players from different professionals world who rarely meet; bring to light the cultural, economic, political, and human issues that are at play each year in order to create a unique Produire au Sud knowledge bank.

Call 2017

Produire au Sud and the University of Nantes is opening its call for the Scholar-in-Residence Programme for the Produire au Sud 2017 edition, which will be held from November 20 to 26 (The Festival of Three Continent will be held from 21 to 28, 2017).

Research projects presented to the Selection Committee can deal with a variety of topics including:
– The international coproduction world,
– Film support mechanisms,
– New technologies and the evolution of the global film industry,
– Cooperation between different film professions (director, producer, distributor, production and post-production personnel…),
–  Global narratives and cross-cultural storytelling,
– Intercultural working relations (business cultures, cross-cultural communications, language and translation),
– Training and education studies

The programme is open to academics from all disciplines, notably Film and Media Studies, Area Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Business Studies, etc.
Panels and interviews are all led in English.
Food and accommodation will be offered to the scholar for the duration of Produire au Sud. He/She will take charge of the travelling fee to and from Nantes.

Residence Organisation

Research activities during Produire au Sud:
– The academic will be able to attend the collective sessions and some individual sessions during the Produire au Sud week.
– He/She will also be given individual interview time with the participants.
– The scholar will give at least one lecture at the Maison de la Recherche of the University of Nantes for Produire au Sud participants, University of Nantes scholars, and the guests from the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study Foundation (IEA).

Feedback and Research-in-progress

After Produire au Sud, the scholar will present two reports:
– a 1,000-1,500-word confidential feedback on his/her experience for the Selection Committee. Deadline: January 5, 2018.
– a 3,000-word essay using data gathered during his/her stay in Nantes. This essay will appear on the Produire au Sud website, in order to create the Produire au Sud Knowledge Bank. Deadline: March 31, 2018.

Selection Process

Candidates are to provide a 1,000-word research project for which Produire au Sud would be a fruitful investigation field, and a detailed Curriculum Vita.

The members of the Selection Committee are:
Guillaume Mainguet (Produire au Sud Coordinator)
Nolwenn Mingant (University of Nantes)
Katell Léon (University of Rennes)
Julia Hammett-Jamart (Co-production Research Network (CoRN))

Selection 2017

For the first year of this residency, professor Ana Viñuela has been picked out of numerous applications.
Ana Viñuela is Associate Professor of Film Studies at Paris-Diderot University, where she teaches Film and Television Socio-Economics, and the creative and financial challenges of producing. She holds a PhD in Communication Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid, and her current research focuses on French coproduction of world cinema, film and television industries and media policies.
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For further information

Please write to : Guillaume Mainguet or Nolwenn Mingant

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