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Permanent Regulations


Conditions to be met by the applicant

The Nantes Produire au Sud workshop selects a maximum of six film projects in the development stage coming from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • The producer and the director must be a native of one of the 3 Continents (two different countries accepted)
  • In case of dual nationality, the continent taken into consideration is the one linked to the 3 Continents
  • The project must be represented by both a producer and a director.

Selection criteria

  • Projects have to be feature length films in the development stage
  • Projects have to be fiction feature films (documentaries, animation films and TV films are not accepted)
  • Projects have to last 60 minutes minimum
  • The producer must already have some experience in feature length or short film production
  •  No previous experience in international coproduction is required from the producer
  • No previous agreement with any international coproducer/partner is required
  • The full script is requested in the case of selection
  • Each production company can apply only once for each workshop
  • Applications must be completed in English or in French
  • Applicants and selected participants must speak English (all classes and meetings are in English).


Please note !

  • A project has to be introduced by a producer and a director ; a director cannot apply as the producer of his/her own film project
  • Transportation and accomodation expenses are covered by Produire au Sud – Les 3 Continents.



Calls for entries (for both the Nantes workshop and workshops abroad) are open  4 to 6 months before each workshop and announced on the website and in the workshop newsletter.
To submit your film project, please complete the following 2 steps :

1- Pre-register your application* by completing a first entry form
2- Confirm your application**  by completing a second form,  at the same time sending the requested documents on line (.pdf appreciated)

When this second step is completed, you will receive a confirmation by email.

* Each year the call for entries of the Nantes workshop is open by mid-May.
** Applicants are selected upon reception of the following documents :

  • A CV of the producer and of the production company
  • A cover letter from the producer which must be in relation to the participation in the workshop
  • The director’s CV including his/her filmography
  • A synopsis ( maximum 1 page)
  • A director’s statement of intent about his/her project
  • A technical data sheet (film format, technical and artistic staff)
  • Treatment (a maximum of 10 pages)
  • A provisional budget
  • A financing plan (which must present a balanced amount, equivalent to the budget , and must mention finances already in place)
  • A production schedule
  • Previous work(s) of the director (weblink preferably)


Please note !

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