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TAIPEI - follow up of the 2017 workshop

Partenariats et soutiens

  • Festival du Film de Taipei

The Produire au Sud Workshop, in partnership with the Taipei Film Festival and with the support of BAMID and the Bureau Français de Taiwan,  proposes to accompany the development of the project of the 12 participants in the 2017 Taipei PAS workshop, in complementary follow-up workshops, to take place in Taipei in November 2017 and February 2018.

Film projects follow-up 2017-2018

This year this Produire au Sud formula will include two complementary training stages  with special focus on scriptwriting in order to help directors to push and explore their narrative and writing as much as possible.
Both steps will be led by scriptwriting consultants Gualberto Ferrari and Jérémie Dubois.

First stage PAS Taipei: 2017/7/5~7/10
Second stage – further script consulting: 2017/11/1~11/3
Third stage – further script consulting: 2018/2/7~2/9


The contents of the workshop will make it possible to reinforce the initial training given to the participants last July. These complementary stages represent a further and crucial level of support in the development of the film projects, especially on the artistic level. In the medium term, the professionalisation of these young producers and filmmakers will allow them to draw up a production strategy adapted to their project and to choose the relevant partners in the European film industry.


The instructors in the workshop have already knowledge of these projects, from the 2015 Taïpei session:
– Gualberto Ferrari, Franco-Argentinian screenplay consultant
Jérémie Dubois, French screenplay consultant

To know more about Taipei PAS workshop film projects.

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