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DFM/PAS "Jumpstart" 2018

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Durban Film Mart and Produire au Sud : a lasting partnership

As sisters cities, Durban and Nantes are glad to welcome back successful partnership between their Film festivals industry programmes, respectively the Durban FilmMart and Produire au Sud.
This year, the film development programme Produire au Sud, of Festival des 3 Continents, is a partner again of the Durban FilmMart, which will take place between 20-23 July 2018 at the Elangeni Tsogo Sun Hotel in Durban, alongside the 39th Durban International Film Festival which will run  between 19-29 July 2018 in Durban, South Africa.
Africa’s premier film finance and co-production forum, The Durban FilmMart, is a film industry development initiative funded by the City of Durban and founded by the Durban Film Office and the Durban International Film Festival. Celebrating its 5th year of building international partnerships and furthering the development and production of cinema in the African Continent, the Durban FilmMart welcomes back its budding partnership with Produire au Sud/Festival des 3 Continents, Nantes, in the hope of establishing a partnership that creates a programme around story development over the next three years : the Script Studio.


The Script Studio 2017

The Script Studio is now offering an annual partnership between both festivals, that provides two different exchanges, which alternately will take place in Durban and in Nantes.

In Durban

The Festival des 3 Continents, marking its 39th anniversary as an annual film festival in 2018, centers its spotlight on films created and produced from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Within the Festival of 3 Continents is a development programme, Produire au Sud, which was created in 2000. This programme focuses on enhancing film co-productions, and is set to help familiarize up-and-coming producers with tools and techniques to enhance their skills to international standards.
June 2018, the third edition of the programme launched by the DFM called « Jumpstart » will be facilitated by one Produire au Sud story expert around contents which goals support narratives quality: Stefano Tealdi, Italian filmmaker born in Johannesburg, who specialises in the Art of pitching.


Jumpstart is an incubator programme presented by the Durban FilmMart in partnership with Produire au Sud to introduce 6 emerging producers from Durban and Kwazulu Natal region to project packaging for the international market. The 2018 lab will be led by internationally renowned pitch expert, Stefano Tealdi over the last two days of DFM (22, 23 July). South African born Tealdi will introduce the emerging producers to important techniques & concepts surrounding pitch and project positioning along with industry professionals within the DFM programme.
Stefano has previously presented pitching masterclasses at both DFM 2016, 2015 & 2014.


In Nantes

On the other hand, the Nantes Produire au Sud workshop 2018 will welcome one film project, which was running the DFM. The producer and director of the film project will be offered the opportunity to run the Produire au Sud workshop week along with the others selected film projects, November 19-25, 2017.

The winning film project of this year partnership will be announced after the 2018 DFM edition.


A project supported by the French Embassy in Johannesburg

Furthermore, this year’s partnership is supported by the French Embassy in South Africa, which has been instrumental in finalising the programme and providing financial support for the key experts. The objective is to strengthen the links between France and South Africa in the film industry and create opportunities for professions in both countries.

In 2013, Produire au Sud/Festival des 3 Continents, Nantes awarded, for the first time at the DFM, three directors the invaluable opportunity of travel and accommodation to the Script Studio, with two script consultations with internationally experienced script consultants.

DIFF : http://www.durbanfilmfest.co.za/
DFM : http://www.durbanfilmmart.com/         

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