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Studio Darom 2018

  • South Cinema Festival
  • Institut Français Tel Aviv

The « Studio Darom » – Produire au Sud workshop 2018 is a 4 days local training workshop for emerging producers and directors from Israel. The workshop aims at familiarizing them with a variety of important tools and international coproduction techniques by coaching individual projects in development.

The workshop will be held in Sderot April 9-12 2016 at the Sapir College (documentary cinema school).

The public pitch presentation of the 4 selected film projects will be held at the Sapir College on April 12 and will be moderated by italian producer and pitch expert Stefano Tealdi. All professionals are invited to attend.


The 4th Studio Darom will take place April 20-23, 2018 at the Sapir College.
The call for entries is open until mid-march and is dedicated to young emerging directors and producers from Israel working on a fiction feature lenght project under development.


Selection 2016

A PRIVATE PLACE by Eddie Tapero and produced by Stav Meron

IRON MEN by Yosi Artzi and produced by Tony Copti (Fresco Films)

THE DIVE by Yona RozenKier and produced by Kobi Mizrahi

THE SWIMMER by Adam Kalderon and produced by Naama Pyritz (Ingenue productions)


The workshop will take place  in the Sapir Academic College of Sderot (Israel). It is organized by Produire au Sud/Festival des 3 Continents, in partnership with the Cinema South Film Festival in Sderot and with the support of the French Institute of Tel-Aviv in Israel.

This year, 7 international experts will lead the workshop (check out the presentation of the speakers)

Juliette Grandmont (Clandestine FIlms), french producer
Sari Turgeman (Script Light), french-israeli script consultant
Jérémie Dubois, french script consultant
Ewa Puszczyńska (Opus Films), polish producer
Ohad Azoulay, israeli pitch expert
Ziv Nave, Head of Film Fund Gesher
Katriel Shrori, Head of Israeli Film Fund



For further information, please contact :
Guillaume Mainguet: guillaume.mainguet@3continents



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