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Produire au Sud Agadir 2018

  • Ville d'Agadir
  • Ville de Nantes Métropole
  • AFAC (The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture)
  • Institut Français Maroc
  • International Media Support (Danemark)
  • CNCI

For this second year, the Produire au Sud workshop will work in partnership with the Moroccan International African and Arab Documentary Film Festival (FIDADOC) of Agadir and organize a Produire au Sud Agadir Sahara workshop designed for developers of projects from Morocco, the Maghreb, and central and western Africa.

FIDADOC/Produire au Sud MEETING:

Since 2008, The Agadir International Documentary Film Festival (FIDADOC) has always affirmed its professional vocation in line with the wishes of its founder, the producer Nouzha Drissi, to contribute to the resurgence of Moroccan documentary films. In 2012, FIDADOC created the Documentary Incubator, designed to favour the emergence of a network of independent authors and producers at the national level.
A programme of training and project support in perfect synergy with the official partner of FIDADOC, the television channel TV2M, which coproduces every year around 20 documentary films : an exemplary commitment to national production, an exception south of the Mediterranean, which constitutes a wonderful opportunity for Moroccan documentary film makers.

This « Documentary Incubator  » also fits into the framework of AFRICADOC, the Panafrican network of professional solidarity which federates production and distribution in more than 15 countries of central and western Africa, permitting the realization of more than 200 films in ten years.


In line with the Documentary Incubator, FIDADOC has recently defined the shape and content of a new project which is both structuring and federating, Doc Souss Massa Sahara (Doc SMS), which will contribute to amplifying the professional impact and international influence of FIDADOC, in particular its Panafrican vocation.
Doc SMS is a programme of training, project assistance and support for documentary creation , adapted to priority means and needs. It also consists in a professional platform of exchange and coproduction at the crossroads of Africa, the Arab world and the Euro-Mediterranean space.


The ambition of this workshop is for participants to gain knowledge of the techniques and tools of international film coproduction through a logic of individual assistance to projects in the development stage, to help them master the issues at stake in international coproduction and the international market and to lay sustainable foundations of film cooperation between European professionals and professionals from the countries of the South.

6 filmmaker/producer teams, identified through professional partners of the regions concerned: the AFRICADOC/Docmonde network, , TV2M, the Producers Network of the Garthage Film Festival (Tunisia), the Lab of the Bejaïa Film Festival (Algeria), the coproduction platform  Ouaga Film Lab (Burkina Faso), the Beyrouth Coproduction Platform and the AFAC Fund (Lebanon), will be invited to Agadir to participate in this four-day workshop.

The « Produire au Sud » workshop will be run by international professionals :

Ali Essafi, Moroccan director and scriptwriter
Denis Vaslin (Volya Films/Mandra Films), french/dutch producer
– Estelle Robin-You (Les Films du Balibari), french producer
– Stefano Tealdi (Stefilm), italian producer
– Myriam Sassine (Abbout productions), lebanese producer
 Jihan El Tahri,  egyptian filmmaker
Guillaume Thoulon (SCAM), legal expert
Henrik Underbjerg (Stray Dog Productions), norwegian producer
Kristine Anne Skaret (Stray Dog Productions), norwegian producer

Training staff will be composed by producers, distributors, international sales people, scriptwriters -, chosen from among the experts and consultants familiar with Produire au Sud, and from other FIDADOC professional partners who share its approach (the regions of Catalonia, Aquitaine, Wallonia-Brussels).

6 days of intensive training which will conclude with a public presentation of the projects in front of a panel of Moroccan and foreign producers, of distributors and managers of regional funds, coupled with « one to ones » with these same professionals.


2018 selection

The 2nd Agadir Sahara PAS workshop will take place June 19-23, 2018 in frame of the 10th edition of FIDADOC of Agadir.

MAYDOUM HAL by Nadia Chouieb and produced by Abdallah Badis (Cactusco Films) – Algeria
SUR LES TRACES DU PERE by Delphine Yerbanga and produced by Mamounata Nikiema (Pilumpiku Production) – Burkina Faso
MAROKKIAT (She-Moroccans) by Sonia Terrab and produced by  Fatim Bencherki (Ali n’ productions – Jawjab) – Morroco
ISHQ d’Hicham Elladdaqi and produced by Mohamed Akram Nemmassi (Bingo Films) – Morroco
FOULEDH by Abdallah Chamekh and produced by Mehdi Hmili (Yol Film House) – Tunisia
RIEN SUR MA MERE (Nothing about my Mother) by Latifa Doghri and Salem Trabelsi and produced by Salem Trabelsi (Machmoum productions) – Tunisia


Projects promoters from Agadir Sahara workshop will be accompanying 5 months after their first experience in Agadir. They will be invited to take part of a second step-workshop in the frame of the Carthage Film Festival’s professional days « Carthage Pro » in partnership with JCC (Carthage Film Festival) and CNCI.

Participants will find again some of the speakers involved in Agadir for complementary individualized meetings such as

Ali Essafi, moroccan director and scriptwriter
– Estelle Robin-You (Les Films du Balibari), french producer
– Jihan El Tahri egyptian director and scriptwriter

and will be proposed to meet and talk with new professionals

Nathan Fischer (Stray Dogs), head of acquisitions, french sale agent
– Boris Chapelle (La Puce à l’Oreille), french sound enginer/editor/mixor

Those days will be held in Carthage November 5-8 2018.


Guillaume Mainguet
Head of  Produire au Sud workshop
tel : + 33(0)2 40 69 74 14
Skype ID : wilhelmainguet

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