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Housing a Guest

General Information

The Festival des 3 Continents helps to establish contacts between professionals of the cinema (directors, producers, distributors, technicians, critics, etc .) and inhabitants of Nantes, who live in the city centre or have quick access to the city centre and who are interested in housing them free of charge during their stay.

In addition to encouraging professionals to come to Nantes during the Festival, the team is trying to reinforce the possibilities of meeting and exchanges between professionals and the inhabitants of Nantes, who are faithful to the F3C or curious to see it from another side.

In exchange for this free accommodation, 1 pass is offered. This nominative pass is valid for all festival screenings and Awards evening. Hosts are only responsible for housing, guests take in charge their own food.

Establishing a Contact

The F3C staff in charge of the reception of professionals first draw up a list of the guests and at the same time a list of Nantes cinema lovers who are interested in offering housing from November 20th to 28th, 2017.

We’ll contact the available hosts in October or November and transmits the details of the professional or festival-goer. This will be a confirmation for receptionning  a guest.


If you wish to offer housing from November 22  to 29, 2016, fill out the registration form. Our staff will get back to you in October.


Séverine Alcaraz
02 40 69 90 88


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