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2018 Programme


For its 40th edition and true to its vocation, the Festival des 3 Continents will continue its work on highlighting African, Asian and Latin American films. In addition to the international competition,, retrospectives, programmes around a theme, exhibitions and lectures, the festival is also a meeting place for different publics to find out what awakens the curiosity of filmgoers.

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Tuesday, 20th November at the Graslin Theatre
Les Oiseaux de passage by Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra
Colombia-Denmark-Mexico / 2018 / Diaphana Distribution

Tuesday, 27th November at the Grand T Theatre
Tel Aviv on Fire by Sameh Zoabi
Israel-Luxemburg-Belgium-France / 2018 / Haut et Court Distribution



A selection of full-length films, both fiction and documentary, will be presented in their first showing in France.
The full programme of the festival will be revealed on 7th November.



During its 40 years of existence, the Festival des 3 Continents, devoted to the cinema of Asia, Africa and Latin America, has continuously revisited the heritage and history of a cinema often distant from the established points of reference of filmgoers, and at the same time has attempted to grasp the movements in the cinema today. At a time of accelerated evolution and an abundance of systems of images in movement, what stage has a cinema asserting its singularities and its adaptation to an environment in full transformation now reached?

To celebrate its 40th edition, the Festival is proposing an inventory of contemporary cinema, combining a book and a programme of 40 films which delineate the cinema landscape of the 3 continents since the turn of this century. This is an invitation to see once again works which are considered landmarks in our eyes, certain films lost from view, or to evaluate gestures existing on the fringes of our screens, in the indeterminate and murmuring zones of the current reconfiguration of images.

Among the 40 films, you will be able to see once again À l’Ouest des rails (West of the Tracks) by Wang Bing, Inland by Tariq Teguia, La femme qui est partie (The Woman Who Left) by Lav Diaz and discover, among others, the much awaited La Flor (The Flower) by Mariano Llinas.



In collaboration with the publisher WARM, the Festival is publishing on this occasion a collective work entitled D’autres continents (Other Continents), movements of present-day cinema . Edited by Jérôme Baron, it brings together contributions by Jacques Aumont, Dominique Païni, Chris Fujiwara, Dork Zabunyan, Jean-Michel Frodon, Kleber Mendonça Filho, and others.



What could be more normal than that Taiwan’s capital should become the privileged setting of many films ? The programme Taipei Stories brings together films from different periods of the history of Taiwanese cinema. It reveals, through the stories and aesthetics of successive generations of Taiwanese filmmakers, the transformations of the city.

Among others, we will present the eponymous film Taipei Story by Edward Yang, La Fille du Nil (Daughter of the Nile) or the more intimate Cheerful Wind (1981) by Hou Hsiao-hsien, but also some unique and rare films. Twelve films, like as many gestures tracing the singular portrait of the city and of Taiwanese cinema itself.



MASTERCLASS with Tsai Ming-Liang
Sunday, 25th November at 5pm in the Lieu Unique
The Taiwanese filmmaker of Vive l’amour, Goodbye Dragon Inn et Your Face, his latest film not yet shown in France, will hold a masterclass on Sunday, 25th November at 5pm at the Lieu Unique. Free, subject to availability.

Three films by TSAI Ming-liang are part of the Festival Programme:
GOODBYE, DRAGON INN – The Taipei Stories Programme
YOUR FACE – Programme of the 40 years of the Festival (An Inventory of Contemporary Cinema)
VIVE L’AMOUR – Programme of the 40 years of the Festival (An Inventory of Contemporary Cinema). Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1994



Since 2010, the Festival des 3 Continents has proposed each year a programme around a theme which is open to different types of audience but conceived above all for secondary school children. Under the title « Borders… and People », this programme intends to reflect on the capacity of the cinema to handle a very contemporary question.

There are eight films in this section. Among these, Le Havre by Aki Kaurismäki, Bashu, le petit étranger (Bashu, The Little Stranger) by Bahram Beyzai, the little known Soleil Ô (Oh Sun)by Med Hondo in its restored version, Kelly by Stéphanie Régnier, as well as L’héroïque lande, la frontière brûle by Elisabeth Perceval and Nicolas Klotz.

Roundtables and lectures with the participation of the associations SOS Méditerranée, la Cimade, Ciméa, researchers and filmmakers, at the Natural History Museum. Free subject to availability.




With its desire to be open to and to initiate different publics in the cinemas of the 3 Continents, the festival also offers the opportunity for children and their families to come and be introduced to other films. For the 40th edition, there will be showings of the collective film Les Contes Persans (Persian Tales), Le Garçon et le monde (Boy and the World) by Alê Abreu and Bonjour (Good Morning) by Yasujiro Ozu. This programme is accessible to children from the age of 4 onwards.



After Sderot, Durban, Agadir, Durban, Bangkok and Taipei during this last year, the Festival des 3 Continents will be hosting its 18th Nantes workshop devoted to training participants to acquire the tools of international coproduction.Six full-length film projects have been chosen, coming from Nepal, Colombia, Mozambique, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Mali-Niger.

Films which have partipated in recent years in the Produire au Sud workshop and which were completed in 2018 will also be highlighted in the programme of the Festival.

23rd November at 2pm at the Cinématographe cinema
The filmmakers and producers of the 2018 Nantes Produire au Sud workshop will present a pitch of their film in public, Friday 23rd November at 2pm at the Cinématographe cinema.
Free, subject to avalibility



On the occasion of the 40th edition of the festival and in partnership with the Association Culturelle du Passage Sainte Croix, a photo exhibition – Festival des 3 Continents, « a history of the cinema » – invites you to travel to the heart of the F3C archives related to films from North Africa, , Near and Middle East.
A lecture and discussion « Near and Middle East: a History of the Cinema and Thwarted Ambitions » will be hosted 17th November, in the Salle du Prieuré in the Passage Sainte Croix, by Jérôme Baron, Artistic Director of the F3C.
From 17th November to 1st December. Free, subject to availibility 


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