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"PORTA RETRATO" (Picture Frame), mozambican project to take part in PAS Nantes 2018

26 July 2018 • Produire au Sud
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Following the partnership commitment that links both programs, the Nantes Produire au Sud workshop 2018 welcomes one feature film project, which was running the Durban FilmMart (DFM). The selection of the project forms one of the DFM award and has been announced during the award ceremony set July 23rd. The producer and director of the film project are offered the opportunity to participate in the Produire au Sud workshop week along with the others selected film projects, November 19-25, 2018.

This year, the winning film project is the south-african project

PORTA RETRATO (Picture Frame)
by Orlando Mabasso Jr
and produced by Aldino Languana (Blue Art Films)

A project supported by the French Embassy in Johannesburg

Furthermore, this year’s partnership is supported by the French Embassy in South Africa, which has been instrumental in finalising the programme and providing financial support for the key experts. The objective is to strengthen the links between France and South Africa in the film industry and create opportunities for professions in both countries.



Out of employment, Augusto spends most of his days, trying to get a job, while being guided by his older colleague, Xavier. Their friend, Helton, is mistaken for a thief, and an official neighborhood patrol attacks him. He doesn’t manage to overcome his injuries, and dies. Augusto and some of his friends gather a group for a protest to end the patrol, but the group is not as united as it should be. One day, Augusto finds two boys at the beach. One of the boys, Dino, offers himself to be Augusto’s assistant. Suddenly, the boy disappears while Augusto and his wife rekindle their love. Augusto and Xavier go on two momentum building meetings for the protest, and their differences are only mitigated by the fact that Xavier vows not to interfere, and help in a minimum capacity. Later on, Augusto goes back to his own house after a failed protest, only to find out the boy is back. Ashamed, he takes the boy, along with his wife, for a walk down the park. There, he takes some gleeful photos of them and they make peace with reality.

Director’s statement

Picture Frame (Porta Retrato) is a feature film that came out of a meditation on how artists should deal with being widely considered lower working-class individuals, while still pursuing their dreams of acclaim, with the same passion for their work and their art. It became more serious when innocent people started to get lynched, by mistake, and no one had a say on the issue. From there on, I had a very dark, tragic, almost melodramatic tone to follow, and infused it with my own personal life-stories of surrogate families, unrequited love, drug and alcohol-addiction. What I did was to take the dark undertones within the very structure of the story and undermine it with blissful moments of happiness to highlight the story’s three themes: hope, promise and dreams. Structurally, the movie is designed to be a straightforward narrative, with 2-3 flashback scenes that only undercut what’s going on within the protagonist’s mindscape. As a storyteller, I felt helpless and as vulnerable as the protagonist and his inner quest for redemption, yet being undone by my own impulses, time and time again, I came to question whether or not, in the same situation, I would act the same.

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